Ed Gien

Ed Gein couldn’t take his eyes off the can of antifreeze. Even as he got down from his car, his eyes seemed fixated upon the can that was now sitting on the front passenger seat. One full gallon of antifreeze: Ed wondered if he really needed so much of antifreeze.

Harsh winter wind clapped with Ed’s face. Yes, Ed thought, antifreeze can never be enough in such weather. Ed stretched his hand to the passenger’s seat and picked up the can of antifreeze before walking back to the house.

Ed’s home was in the middle of vast farmland. Most of the surrounding farms belonged to Ed. Before Ed, they belonged to his Mother. His home was big, but for Ed it seemed as if it kept getting smaller and smaller after his mother’s death. Only the kitchen mattered to him now. Ed walked straight towards the kitchen.

Ed missed his mother. Her kind speeches, her wisdom, her warmth – she was the only woman in his life. ‘Be wary of women, son, they are the reason for all your sins,’ his mother had told him again and again. Ed thought of this again, and nodded his head to the wind. Ed never dated. Ed never wanted to. His devotion was for his mother, and no one else could replace her. ‘I’d rather die alone than replace my mother with some loose woman,’ Ed had told himself time and again.

Yet, Ed felt lonely. Like a four year old, he craved to see his mother once again. The very thought of not being able to see her ever again sank his heart.

Ed had been trying to fill the gaps lately, but it was difficult. It needed a lot of effort, and the result was only temporary. He was slowly coming to realize that he might never be able to bring her back, or forget her. The more Ed tried, the more bitter he felt.

Ed looked at the can of antifreeze again. Perhaps it could help.


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